Wednesday, 22 June 2011

63 degree eggs and the search for melbourne's best brunch

Is there anything better than brunch on the weekend? Ben and I are blessed to live in a city with an abundance of amazing cafes and I intend to try as many of them as I can as I search for Melbourne's best brunch. One of our local cafes, The Maling Room, is currently making a strong play for the ultimate eggs. They make 63 degree eggs, which unlike poached eggs, are cooked in their shell in 63 degree Celsius water. The result is perfectly runny yolks; and when served with toasted sourdough, dill cream cheese, rocket, avocado, smoked salmon and beetroot relish, comes pretty close to Sunday morning perfection. I have mine with an organic, GE free Phoenix juice while Ben heartily endorses their piccolo latte, made from their own freshly roasted coffee beans.

Sarah x
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RMX said...

Whilst I've been a big fan of The Mailing Room (and Mailing Rd in general) for many years, We've recently discovered Apte ( in Alphington.

While it is a little out of the way it is officially my new favourite Melbourne brunch location


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