Tuesday, 12 July 2011

flour mill and the search for melbourne's best brunch

Greetings fellow brunch-lovers! My search for Melbourne's best continued on the weekend with a late Saturday morning visit to Flour Mill. Situated in Melbourne's busy Sydney rd, Brunswick, I have driven past Flour Mill many times and was excited to give this iconic cafe a go. Serving certified organic rainforest alliance coffee and the ever popular Phoenix organic juices, we were off to a good start! I chose the Vegetarian breakfast with poached eggs, mushroom, grilled tomato, sauteed spinach, grilled potato and halloumi cheese. It was a generous serve, thus I almost had to crawl out and appreciated a post-bunch stroll through the record store next door and Savers (unsuccessfully hunting for a vintage bargain). The eggs were poached well and the halloumi was a great addition to the standard cooked vegetarian breaky but I must be honest, you wont win votes from me if you refuse to make changes to menu items on the weekend.

Do you have a favourite brunch cafe in Melbourne? I'd love to try it- comment below and I'll be sure to visit and blog about it soon.

The Dreamer x
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