Saturday, 30 July 2011

folk tales

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Inspired by a childhood of making macaroni necklaces and cherry earrings, Melbourne jewellery designer Lucy Folk has created a wonderfully unique jewellery range. Folk turns objects of consumption into objects of desire by electroplating food in fine layers of metal. Popcorn, seafood, pasta, pretzels... if you can eat it, it can be turned into jewellery. Each limited edition piece is lovingly handcrafted so that no two pieces are exactly the same and the food based charms and beads are certainly unlike anything you could buy from your run of the mill jewellery store. As a big fan and eater of spaghetti, my favourite piece is the pasta bow necklace but the embellished friendship bands are also amazing and a colourful touch to the predominantly silver and gold collection.

The Dreamer x

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