Sunday, 24 July 2011

sailors' rest and the search for geelong's best brunch

My search for Melbourne's best brunch took a trip down to the coast this week. So, technically this isn't part of my search for Melbourne's best, but a nice interlude as I enjoy Geelong's waterfront brunch offering. Sailors' Rest is a Geelong institution and with views of Eastern beach, it was the obvious choice for a Saturday morning brunch. The menu included all the breakfast basics and so we opted for classics- a freshly squeezed orange juice each, eggs benedict with smoked salmon and poached eggs with bacon and a hash brown. Their service was friendly and fast and the food was cooked well, although there were no organic ingredients listed nor local Bellarine produce used. All up for $49.50 I  expected a little more of Sailors' Rest but enjoyed my meal nonetheless.
The Dreamer x

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Helen said...

I'm not a fan after the owner told me my destiny was to flip burgers at maccas for the rest of my life when i lived down there... yep. long story.
but whilst their food can be good, they really are too big for their boots.


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