Tuesday, 5 July 2011

sale away

gum trees/ fire wood/ washing basket trolley/ native bottlebrush/ Oscar/ comfy shoes/ fire/ birds in flight

Living in the city, it's oh-so nice to get away once in awhile to enjoy the peace and quiet that regional Victoria has to offer. On the weekend I was lucky enough to get away to Sale for a night to see family. There are so many benefits to spending time in the country. Wide open spaces, fresh air, no traffic (= no stress for me!), great food and beautiful views. It's a contrast to the lifestyle I've become accustomed to in Melbourne but it is so important to get away sometimes to restore balance, relax and spend quality time with loved ones. Now, I'm no expert with the camera yet, but I had lots of fun taking these photos and trying to capture some of the beauty of Sale.

The Dreamer x


benniknop said...
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benniknop said...

Nice set of photos. Your skills as a photographer are growing. Good eye.


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