Wednesday, 6 July 2011

tunes for change

Artists donate. You decide the album price & download. All profits go to charity.

I've just come across a great new not-for-profit organisation. Launched in March 2011, Tunes for Change combines some of my favourite things: promoting peace, human rights, freedom of speech, environmental sustainability, artistic growth, physical and mental well-being and music! A unique concept, Tunes for Change asks notable Australian musicians to donate songs available for download on the website. Donated songs are compiled into a 'mixtape' album that is available for 3 months only and that can be purchased for the bargain price of... you choose! That's right, you nominate the price, keeping in mind that 100% of the profits go to a nominated charity. The current album "The Seed Album" features Angus Stone, Sarah Blasko, Little Birdy, The Waifs and Pete Murray, just to name a few and profits go to The Seed Fund (see the website to find out more). I've been listening to the album tonight whilst writing this post and have become a big fan of track #1- Angus Stone and Lady of the Sunshine's Home sweet home.

The Dreamer x

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