Sunday, 17 July 2011

vegan leather

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Free People have launched their first line of 'vegan leather' products this month. For those of you who are wondering what vegan leather is, no, it's not leather made from vegetables, it is another name for PU. Although it is some of the most realistic looking "pleather" I have seen in the market, I'm not sure that I'm sold. Whilst polyurethane is not taken from animals, it's not all that good for the environment. And if you've ever been into a PU shoe store, you'll know that it doesn't smell that great either. Nevertheless I love the way they've styled their rocking vegan leather pants and grunge boots back with an oh-so feminine white jersey and lace top and wrist accessories piled high. It's a great transeasonal look and the perfect day-to-night outfit.

The Dreamer x

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