Thursday, 7 July 2011

zara melbourne

zara melbourne/ colour block denim/ ballerina meets biker/ enchanting butterflies

I finally made my way into the new Zara store in Melbourne on the weekend and I thought it fitting that I report on my shopping adventure. Situated in Melbourne's busy retail precinct Bourke St Mall, Zara is set for success. With 3 large floors of apparel catering for guys, girls and kids, there really is something for almost everyone from naught to ninety (did you hear that the first through the doors was an 81 year-old Zara fashion enthusiast?!) If you head in on a weekend, be prepared to queue up, at least for the next few months.

The current range is heavily concentrated on the colour blocking trend with lots of primary brights including coloured denim jeans, bold, solid colour tops and fun unconventionally coloured knitwear but they soften the look by outfitting it back with soft silk fabrics, tulle and feminine prints. If the bold colours are not up your alley, do not fret! They have included a selection of their TRF range which is in stark contrast to the story at the front of the store, featuring a softer, indie colour palette, checks, corduroy, voile printed shirts and relaxed fits. Heading up one floor I was delighted with the playful knits, pinafores, patterns and stripes in the kids wear range. It is beautifully styled children's clothing and I know where I'll be heading for my niece's birthday this year! I was a little disappointed with the range of mens' tees. It seemed a little light-on compared to other Zara stores I've been to and mainly focused on v-neck shapes which are not my preference. They were also low on sizes though so maybe I'm alone on this. Overall, I'd have to say I was delighted with Zara Melbourne, although admittedly I may have been too overcome with joy to view it with a critical eye. Be rest assured I will head back shortly and give you an update on the next collection.

The Dreamer x


Notting Hill Girl said...

Hi Sarah, I'd be interested to know what the prices are like compared to overseas? I've heard they aren't too bad! I really didn't like Zara when I moved to London, but their last few collections have been some of the best on the high street. De x

the dreamer said...

Hi De, I was pleasantly surprised by their prices here. I bought their premium denim animal print stretch jeans for $89.95 and a butterfly printed silk dress with a slip for $69.95. Considering the retail price points that Australian retailers are asking these days, it's very reasonable.


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