Saturday, 13 August 2011

green grocer

I live within walking distance of a deli, bakery, fruit and veggie shop and Safeway (I refuse to call it Woolies), so I rarely venture past my local supermarket and food stores. When I have the opportunity to shop at an independent or gourmet supermarket, it feels like Christmas. I love to walk every isle, closely looking at all of the different products available and deciding what to buy. I made my first trip to Thomas Dux last weekend and whilst it hurt my wallet a little bit, I was delighted by all of the ethically produced, organic options that were available. I loved being welcomed by a series of barrels filled with organic goods including popcorn and licorice, each with a tasting plate. The fresh, vibrant fruit and vegetables were enticingly presented, and again I loved being able to taste the juicy, sweet pineapple. They had a great selection of imported and local cheeses and a temptingly large selection of bread (not your standard sliced white). The highlight was a discovery I made whilst perusing the freezer. Nushie's Natural ice cream is Australian Certified Organic, is dairy free and gluten free and contains no added sugar. And the best part? Chef Nush went to school with my sister and I love to see young Australians being creative entrepreneurs!

The Dreamer x

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