Wednesday, 24 August 2011

kill your tv

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It's rare to scan through a home interiors magazine these days and find a house without some form of typography print. There is an abundance of them available from home wares stores, print shops and online, particularly in the 'Keep Calm' and 'Dance like no one's watching' format. So, it takes something a little bit different to catch my eye, but when browsing Lark's online store I instantly fell in love with these prints. Gorgeous, vintage looking typography designs are letterpress printed using traditional wood and metal type. Each print is signed by the artist Aardvark, from the UK. And here comes the best part, they are printed on recycled paper! Each one has a beautifully positive and sometimes quaint message and is a little less cliche than the standard hone wares store finds.  They are available to purchase online from

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