Monday, 22 August 2011

nordic inspiration

photos courtesy of linea studio

I'm saving up for a house. It's a long and tedious process that will hopefully result in my husband and I buying our dream home. At the moment, maybe because I've been watching too much of The Block and The Renovators, I want to buy a "renovators delight" and turn an unlovable bargain into an inviting, creative, homely place. Whilst watching an episode of Grand Designs on the weekend, I fell in love with this house by UK interior designer Kathryn Tyler. Her love of Nordic design is evident, but what I really admire is the way she has effortlessly combined the new (the house itself with its' fittings and finishing) with the old (almost all of her furniture is restored vintage pieces.) Without a doubt, I will have to replicate her staircase in some form if I ever own a two storey house too.

The Dreamer x

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