Friday, 26 August 2011

ready zpagetti

I have a passion for fashion. But when I look at the way in which the fashion industry is destroying our planet with so much waste and pollution, I am motivated to find ways of making the industry I love more sustainable. I get so excited when I see others doing the same, finding creative ways of reducing the waste, utilising fabric offcuts that would otherwise have become landfill.

Zpagetti uses the latest fashion elastic cotton material scraps to create a chunky, stretchy yarn that can be used for an endless number of knitting and crocheting projects. With free patterns available on their website, there is really no excuse to not give it a go. Due to the use of offcuts, the range is constantly changing with new and exciting seasonal colours and prints. I particularly love the way the crafters below have used Zpagetti to make crafty, unique pieces for the home.

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