Friday, 30 September 2011

dreaming of mexico

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I constantly dream about traveling. There's something about the experience that I find completely freeing. I feel blessed to have already seen so much of the world and yet there are still so many places that I am yet to explore. Mexico is one of those places! Every time I plan an overseas holiday, I am torn as to whether to go somewhere tranquil and tropical for a beach holiday or go on a sight-seeing, cosmopolitan adventure. Since I stumbled across Cuixmala on the east coast of Mexico, I have decided that a beach holiday is next on my agenda. Originally a private home, Cuixmala is now a unique Mexican resort, fit with all the trimmings of a relaxation resort but with enough activities to entertain the most restless traveler.

Cuixmala is dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural environment surrounding the resort. They have formed The Cuixmala Ecological Foundation that amongst many other achievements has seen hundreds of thousands of turtles returned to the wild. They are also committed to almost solely serving food grown on their organic farms. With vast beaches, a variety of accommodation options, organic dining, an abundance of pools and parkland and endless activities including kayaking, horse riding, snorkling, massage, yoga and mountain bike riding, the more I read, the more I love this resort. So now, only one question remains... who is coming with me?

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