Saturday, 17 September 2011

the travel diaries: porte de vanves

I made a thoroughly considered 'to do' list for my recent trip to Paris. Near the top of that list, a visit to a Parisian vintage market. I spent half a day exploring the Porte de Vanves market and the hunter/gatherer in me was in her element. The market is filled with vintage ornaments, prints, jewellery, postcards, clothing, haberdashery and plenty of unique and adorable pieces that will make you curse your 20kg travel luggage limit. I bought some gorgeous vintage jewellery and couldn't resist the old letterpress blocks. To get there just take Metro line 13 to the Porte de Vanves station. The markets are a short walk from the station and locals can point you in the right direction. Give yourself a few hours to see everything and keep in mind that stall holders will start to pack up around 12:30. As is the case in many parts of Paris, it's wise to be cautious with your belongings as pick pockets have a field day if you're not careful. 
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