Saturday, 1 October 2011

diy: fabric covered letters

Are you looking for something to do inside on this wet, cold day? Not interested in watching the AFL Grand Final? I have a great DIY project for you to try and I promise you will love the results and start making them for all your friends.

wooden lettering (available at Typo, Spotlight and other good craft retailers)
craft glue
fabric (I used 100% cotton homespun)
ribbon or trim (I used printed cotton ribbon)
scissors (I used pinking shears)
pen or fine marker

step 1
Place your wooden letter upside-down onto the wadding and trace the shape with a pen. Depending on the thickness of your wadding, you may want to use several layers. I used 3 layers.
step 2
Apply craft glue to the front side of your letter. Use enough to securely hold the wadding without soaking it.
step 3 
Attach wadding onto the front side of the letter in layers until you have achieved your desired level of cushioning to sit under the fabric.
step 4
Place the letter upside-down onto the back side of your fabric and trace around with a pen. Leave about 1cm around the edge so that you have enough fabric to stick down. Cut out fabric following the guide you have made.
step 5
Again using craft glue, gradually work your way around the letter, gluing the fabric down to the side edges. I recommend starting with key points at opposite sides of the letter to ensure that you wrap the fabric evenly. You may need to make small incisions from the edge of the fabric towards the letter in order to cover curves and corners smoothly. Just make sure you don't cut into the fabric that will be visible on the front of the letter.
step 6
When all of the fabric is securely fastened and the glue has dried, glue the ribbon or trim around the sides to cover the edge of the fabric.
 The Dreamer x
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