Thursday, 13 October 2011

national swap day

If you haven't heard of The Clothing Exchange... you are about to! And just in time, because Monday 17th October is National Swap Day, the biggest event on The Clothing Exchange calendar. Taking place at BMW Edge in Melbourne, tickets to attend are available here for only $25. So, I know what you're thinking now... what does the Swap Day event entail? Well, The Clothing Exchange is a professional swapping service that promotes the notion of swapping instead of shopping! When attending an event, simply bring the clothes that you don't want anymore but that you think someone else might love. Of course they need to be quality items that are still in an excellent, sellable condition. Then, you can peruse the items that other swappers have brought in update your wardrobe with a recycled and therefore, ethical option. And the outcome? A better wardrobe for you and a better world for us all. Now, don't be concerned, if you bring your fabulous designer pieces, you will not be stuck trading with somebody's daggy old trackie pants. There is a screening process that ensures that only quality pieces are accepted for trading. So get swapping dreamers!

The Dreamer x
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