Wednesday, 30 November 2011

christmas tea

photos courtesy of

A couple of months back I wrote a post about paper queen Cristina Re's shop Where A Girl Goes (read about it here). Cristina recently hosted a Christmas High Tea at her shop and it looked so beautiful I just had to share some of the photos. It has really put me in the Christmas spirit and with December just one sleep away, it's about time I embraced the season!

(P.S how adorable are those little Christmas coloured cupcakes!?)

The Dreamer x


Wida said...

Wow, so incredibly jealous!! Looks absolutely delicious!

Missing Amsie Blog

Cylia said...

cupcakes! yum:)

the dreamer said...

Hi Wida and Cylia!

Thanks for your comments. Cylia, I couldn't agree more... cupcakes- YUM! I might just have to bake some on the weekend.

The Dreamer x


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