Monday, 12 December 2011

topshop melbourne

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It's the post I've been dying to write. Since the first moment I heard whispers of Topshop coming to town over 12 months ago, I have been excitedly waiting for the first store to open its doors. On Thursday Topshop in Chapel Street opened to the public amidst a flurry of photographers and fashion enthusiasts. It's fair to say it's the most hyped store opening of the year. Don't get me wrong, Zara was a welcome addition too, but there's just something about Topshop. Something that makes people camp out overnight in South Yarra to be one of the first to hurriedly pour over their glittery party dresses, short bedazzled shorts, enviously large shoe collection and have their make-up done by one of Topshop's experts.

I headed in there on Friday afternoon and after taking my time to slowly walk one lap of the large store and take everything in, I started to make my selections. Much to my delight, Jo, fresh off the plane from Topshop London, offered me a spot in the personal shopping fitting rooms. I can tell you now dreamers, it's the only way to shop! In no time at all I had my purchases and with smile from ear-to-ear, made my way home to find a home in my wardrobe for my new goodies. I will be sure to post again soon to show you the latest highlights to my wardrobe but in the meantime, here are some pics of the store- enjoy!

The Dreamer x

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