Wednesday, 7 December 2011

a year in pictures

If you haven't watched "Go back to where you came from" on the SBS, I highly recommend it. I am watching it as I write this post and it is a really eye-opening, heart-breaking documentary. I am inspired.
Speaking of eye-opening, today I spent some time contemplating BuzzFeed's 45 most powerful images of 2011. I have included some of them below but you can view the full selection here.

 aftermath of the tsunami in japan
  dust storm (haboob) roars through phoenix, arizona (
 a police officer pepper-sprays students at an occupy ucd sit-in demonstration (jasna hodzic)
 chile's puyehue volcano erupts (reuters)
 an australian kisses his canadian girlfriend after she was knocked to the ground in a riot in vancouver (getty images / rick lam)
    police spray ugandan opposition party leaders during demonstrations in kampala (reuters / hames akena)
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