Tuesday, 17 January 2012

in my closet

I had a lot of fun photographing this post- in my closet. I wanted to show you my wardrobe highlights, my essentials, my must-haves! So here are some of my golden rules for creating a practical, interesting and fun wardrobe. 
1. Find a good way to display your jewellery. If you can't see it properly, or have to sift through a box full, you won't use 90% of it. I have used cocktail glasses to store my rings (you can also hang earrings around the edge!) and I stack my bangles on vases I bought at Ikea. 
2. Print tees- I can't live without them! Dress them up with a blazer and some skinny jeans, go casual with a relaxed cut jean or denim shorts or create a super-cute look by tucking them into full skirts. I am committing to buying organic cotton tees this year. Not only are they more environmentally sustainable, they are more breathable. I bought my first for the year from Gorman. 
3. Flats. Even I will admit that they're not the shoes my eyes are initially drawn to when I'm out shopping, but I'm increasingly finding them my shoe of choice when I get dressed in the morning. These are two of my current faves, purchased in Hong Kong.
4. Handbags are one of my favourite accessories. I will buy colours in handbags that I wouldn't necessarily but in clothes- like this pastel orange bucket bag! They are a great way to embrace new trends and update your range without having to overhaul your wardrobe.
5. Black, black and more black. I have some staples in my wardrobe that make it so easy to outfit my wardrobe- black pants (leather and jeans), black tees, black jackets, black dresses and black leggings- did somebody say black?
6. I love photography books. They always inspire me to try new things with my outfits, my cooking and my home (soon-to-be!). They are also like timeless pieces of art to have on display on the coffee table or on the mantle.

The Dreamer x 
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