Wednesday, 29 February 2012

love is...

deb's chocolate mousse
grandma's homemade custard
caring visits from family and friends
a lovingly handmade quilt to rest under
a husband who delicately washes your hair
an entire florist shop in vases in my lounge room 
a gifted and vast collection of my favourite magazines
parents that individually select a box of my favourite chocolates

Some lessons in love, learned and appreciated recently while I was sick.
Pics from my Instagram @shes_dreaming

The Dreamer x


joanne hegarty said...

What a sweet post - these things sound so lovely


ATW said...

thanks for your comment! :) really like your blog!
definitely following you now.
maybe you can become a follower of my blog too ?! :)
i'd be more than happy!!!
xxx love from london,

Reptilia said...

MMM..CHOCOLATE! love it!!
Cool post!


LPFashionPhilosophy said...

YUM! Everything looks totally delicious.

ox from NYC!


Aida said...

So sweet!! Loved the post!! And made me want to eat some chocolate =P

Josie said...

Aw, how sweet! I love the different ways to manifest love!
xo Josie

Sara Cabido said...

I confess that I loved your blog! It's absolutely adorable, my style! I'll follow up with all the curiosity!

tiny little kiss*

Rocks Paper Metal said...

oh my goodness, chocolate mouse!!! do not give me ideas. there is nothing better than a luscious chocolate mousse;)

xoxox diana

the dreamer said...

Thanks for all of your comments friends! Much appreciated. Would love you to follow the blog on Bloglovin' or Facebook- links on my homepage.


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