Friday, 1 June 2012

love people: international children's day

As today is International Children's Day, I have spent much of the day pondering what it means to be a child in 2012. For many children, the most basic of human needs that we so often take for granted are not being met. In 2012, when there is so much wealth and so many resources in the world, is this really acceptable? World Vision Australia asked over 600 children from Uganda, Philippines, Cambodia, Albania and Nicaragua to describe the life that they aspire to live and this is what they said:

1. Basic needs met: food, clothing, shelter, sleep, and security.
“When mother and father have jobs.”
2. Presence of peace: peace inside and peace outside.
“We don’t have conflict; no violence, no fight.”
3. Good relationships.
“Life is full when the family is complete/together.”
4. Hopes and dreams are expressed and fulfilled.
“If I finish school, then I can find a good job with a good salary ... to help my parents.”
5. Care for the environment and creation.
“When it’s clean, and there’s no garbage.”

By sponsoring a child today, you can help make these aspirations a reality for a child that urgently needs your help. If you want to make a real difference in the life of one of the world's poorest and most vulnerable children, click here. You are somebody, and you can do something about it. 

Sarah x

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