Thursday, 16 August 2012

love people: 3 things

You can do 3 things to change the world

I recently committed to doing 3 things to help change the world as part of Oxfam Australia's 3 Things. They're not flashy, they won't take a lot of my time nor will they cost me a lot of money. But when I, along with over 5000 other people, commit to doing 3 things to make a difference in my corner of the globe, the impact on the world is significant! I have committed to:

2) choose fairtrade
3) shop organic and local

And it's as simple as that!
3 Things have decided to declare August 'Ethical Fashion Month'- a cause very dear to my heart. For the duration of August, you can learn more about ethical fashion issues like what clothes are made of, who makes them and under what conditions they're made as well as getting some great DIY fashion and shopping tips simply by clicking here. I for one, am challenged but enjoying the journey of becoming more eco and people-friendly in my fashion choices. Sure, it's not always easy, but knowing that it's just one more way that I can make a difference to the planet and to others is well worth it. Why don't you join me on this journey by regularly visiting the 3 Things website, reading more on this blog and making an effort to shop ethically this month and beyond to reduce your fashion footprint?!

For some ethical fashion inspiration, here is an outfit I love, comprised entirely of ethical brands. Enjoy!

You can change the world,
Sarah x 


Maya M said...

The first picture - so cool:)
Have just started to follow - would you like to follow me:)

Andy After Flats said...

Love that outfit idea! cute!


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