Monday, 13 August 2012

love your life: gypsey & musquito brunch

There was something distinctly Australian about my weekend but I didn't watch many Aussies in the Olympics, I didn't eat pavlova or lamingtons, I didn't go camping in the bush and I didn't get a Southern Cross tattoo. I had brunch at one of my new (favourite) local cafes and to my delight, everything on the menu had an Australian flavour such as wattleseed, lemon myrtle, Australian mint and more. Gypsey & Musquito, in Richmond, is a quaint, authentic cafe with friendly staff and an amazingly tasty menu. Ben & I shared our brunch orders of: corn cake with happy bacon, bush tomato chutney, grilled tomato, sour cream and golden syrup (odd I know, but it was a taste sensation); and baked eggs with Adelaide tomatoes, jacks reserve cheddar and sourdough toast. I washed mine down with a Yerba Mate tea which is a natural stimulant used to invigorate the mind and body and boost immunity but my real highlight was called the Bluetongue Lizard. Crushed blueberries are  muddled with apple juice and minted goodness and served in a mason jar for a refreshing, light and deliciously fruity cocktail. All up, our meal was under $50, was excellent value and guaranteed a return visit from us!

To deliciousness!
Sarah x

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il était une fois... said...

yum. i must try this place. x


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