Friday, 21 September 2012

love to travel: airport style

Greetings from Auckland airport, where the view is stunning and the internet expensive! I am just here for a a few hours and so am bound to the airport lounge but I have to say, the landscape around Auckland looked amazing from the air and I'm going to have to add New Zealand to my list of countries to come back to soon. Without planning to do so, my travel attire and luggage has become somewhat of a 'pink' affair today. I love my raspberry coloured Tripp suitcase. I bought it in London back in '06 on a holiday and it has been almost everywhere with me since and carries so many great travel memories. It's just the right size for one and is so easy to spot on the luggage carousel! Next stop: Santiago in Chile with more exciting travel blogging to come soon so stay tuned!

Love and laughter,
Sarah x

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