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love your body: summer loving with Indah

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We have a special treat today, dreamers! Friend of Tell Her She's Dreaming, entrepreneur, armochologist, model and founder of my favourite skin care collection Indah Organics, Teisha Lowry shares her top beauty and health tips for summer:

1. Diet: 
We are coming out of winter, have worked long hours in the office, our bodies have been under a lot of stress and therefore our gut bacteria has been thrown out of balance. It is essential to have a balance of good and bad bacteria in our gut for true overall health. A pro-biotic diet, organic fruits and vegetables and fermented foods are a good start, however pay attention to what type of foods are vital for improving balance in your body and therefore skin tone. Everybody is different, so what diet works for one may not work for the other. You can investigate your very own diet type through a Metabolic Type Practitioner. 

2. Moisturise and exfoliate:
Like the sun in summer our skin reflects a certain glow. To keep that maintained I like to use my body butters, Sari and Dreamland, from head to toe. This locks in moisture as INDAH formulas are free from water and therefore moisture won't evaporate. I use pure fragrances in my body products such as frangipani absolute and patchouli, they can send your mind on a mini holiday. The body butters are potent in pure aloe vera powder which is 200x strength, so if you happen to get a little red from our harsh sun, the rich source of amino acids and vitamin B12 can cool that stingy red feeling and the essential fatty acids from virgin coconut oil and cocoa will help repair damaged cells. 

3. Keep cool and hydrated:
The heat can extend throughout our bodies when the temperature rises. Topical rashes, inflammation, sweating and hot flushes are symptoms of a fiery body. This can make us feel lethargic and irritable. When this happens to me, especially in the Bali heat, I need to balance this fire and use cooling water florals on my face and body such as ylang-ylang, gardenia or violet leaf oils. Drink plenty of purified water too. I avoid chilled water, especially during a work out, because it sits in the pit of your stomach until it reduces to your body's temperature for it to digest.

4. Healthy dash of sun rays:
People are so scared of the sun these days. It's very important to get at least 15-30 minutes of direct sunlight everyday. The sun's energy gives the brain and body the nourishment it needs, and therefore helps balance a healthy state of consciousness, making us happy, healthy and more in-tune with ourselves. When we do need to cover up outdoors, be sure to choose an SPF without parabens, oxybenzone, PABA and retinyl palmitate and remember it's a "sun cream" not a "sun screen". SPF doesn't block out the sun, so wear light coloured, organic cotton clothing that helps the skin breathe and a big floppy hat. 

5. Balance exercise and sleep:
There is so much emphasis on working out we forget to work in. Training too hard is stress on the body and that's when we end up sick or injured. I train outdoors all year 'round and too many times I see people huff and puff along the beach track. It's the first bit of sun for spring and they think they need to hit the pavement hard to scheme health and fitness. This is where we all need to make time for ourselves efficiently and focus on an effective work/ life balance. Most of us don't have celebrity trainers or personal chefs to prepare our meals for the family, but with a bit of time management you can get in a nice 20-30 minute work out everyday. That way you don't need to flog that body in summer. A nice yoga/ stretch/ breathing session in the lounge room in the morning or a brisk walk with interval workloads is less stressful, yet more effective. You have to make time for YOU! I don't believe anybody who tells me they don't have time, you have to make time for your health and wellbeing- that's the most important thing. I make this a priority because when I'm stressed, unfit and unhealthy I'm not being the best person I can be. Try not to work out after dark because it's rest and recover time. Get to bed a little over two hours after sunset, this will sync your circadian rhythm (biological process) and you'll find you'll have more energy and you won't be craving those sugary spikes at 3pm the next day.

In other exciting INDAH news, Teisha has recently collaborated with Alice McCall to create the amazing Heartwood parfum. Made with certified organic ingredients, it is also palm oil and animal cruelty free. Click here for more about Heartwood.  

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