Tuesday, 26 March 2013

love people: have a fairtrade easter

Sadly, many of the people that produce the cocoa found in Easter eggs are trafficked into labour. Many of them are children.

Actually, exchange 'sadly' for unacceptably, horrifically or sickeningly. And then exchange Easter eggs for chocolate.
Yep, that's more like it. 

This Easter, join me as I make a stand against human trafficking and commit to purchasing fairtrade chocolate eggs. Brands you can buy include: Cadbury's Dairy Milk, Chocolatier, Coles Private Label, Green & Black's, Heart of Chocolate and Lindsay & Edmund's.

I buy fairtrade goods to support the farmers and producers behind the fairtrade labels. I also buy fairtrade to send a clear message to companies that there IS a demand for ethically produced goods and in fact, I prefer it and will buy it whenever the option is available to me (even if it means going to find it!)

People shouldn't be bought and sold,
Sarah x

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