Wednesday, 20 November 2013

love your life: simplify it

You've heard people talk about it, you've read about it on blogs, it's the leading chapter of your latest self-help book and you've pinned a dozen inspirational quotes about it. What am I talking about?

To live more simply sounds so straightforward yet so many of us still find it so illusive. Why? If you're like me, somewhere between the busyness of a job that you're passionate about, quality time spent with family and friends, blogging and other social media (time-wasters), the pursuit of a meaningful spiritual life, the tedious but essential housework and attempts to eat well and exercise, there doesn't seem to be much 'life' left to simplify. But I know that simplification for me, is key to a quality lifestyle and good health. And so my friends, let's go on a journey together. A journey of simplification!

We're going to start today with technology simplification.

I watched the short film "I forgot my phone" by Charlene deGuzman and Miles Crawford a few months ago and whilst laughing at the uncanny accuracy, was more than a little bit disturbed by the realisation that I have become far too reliant on my phone. I have allowed it to become a complete distraction and a time-filler and it often stops from me just being and enjoying things like an uninterrupted conversation with my husband or reading a good book. So, I made a conscious decision to start cutting it out. Here are some simple steps to de-clutter your technology use:

1) Delete the Facebook app:
I promise you won't look back. Resist the temptation to aimlessly scroll through your feed, post meaningless status updates and stalk people on Facebook when you could be doing something productive. Plus, any social media business you need to do can wait for some dedicated time on your computer.
2) Don't take your phone into the bedroom: 
We've all been there, a restless night leads you to reach for your phone and catch up on your favourite blogs on Bloglovin' and before you know it, it's 2am and you're seeing stars from staring at your phone screen in the dark. It's just plain unhealthy to have your phone by your bed (read more about that on Sarah Wilson's blog here), so charge your phone overnight on your kitchen bench or in the bathroom and replace it with an alarm clock on your bed side for a better night's sleep!
3) Ban yourself from phone use whilst in the car: 
If you're driving, it's illegal so don't even think about it. If you're a passenger- be a good one! Have some enjoyable conversation and take in the world around you.

I have found that these small things have made all the difference in simplifying my phone use. What are your tips for technology simplification?

Live more simply,
Sarah x

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