Monday, 4 November 2013

love your life: trophy wife nail art

I recently had my birthday... a significant birthday! So, I decided that the only way to celebrate such a momentous occasion was in style.

Enter my amazing friends helped me to embrace this milestone, spoiling me with delicious food, sensational karaoke fun and an afternoon with Chelsea of Trophy Wife Nail Art fame, getting this sparkly manicure. I had such a great time selecting my colours from Chelsea's enviable collection, including some of her own ethical, Australian made Kester Black colours, and picking from her catalogue of quirky designs. I felt so special with my unique nails, matching my dress and wowing my birthday guests.   

I was also given the Trophy Wife hand book so that I can try some of Chelsea's signature designs at home myself. A feel a DIY nail crafternoon coming on...

I hope you feel beautiful today,
Sarah x

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