Friday, 3 January 2014

love your life: the list 2014

As the clock ticked over to 2014, I once again found myself tempted to write another list of resolutions that I will most likely NOT achieve. Each year I write down around 5 unmeasurable, largely unattainable things that for the most part, I have given up on before I've even begun. But not this year!

This year, inspired by fellow blogger Emma, I have written the list. I have watched Emma create and execute her lists for the last few years and can't help but share in her excitement and sense of achievement throughout the year as she crosses off tasks from the mundane (do my household chores) to the marvellous (enter a colouring competition). So this year, I have created my own list of 50 things that I want to achieve in 2014. Some of them will take careful preparation and considered execution whilst others are simple but intended to ensure that I spend my time wisely. 

Why don't you join me in writing a list? You can track my progress and get more ideas throughout the year here on the blog. So here is my list for 2014:

You can also read more about Emma's list on her blog, The Most Curious George.

happy new year,
sarah x

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