Wednesday, 5 February 2014

take five: supermarket buys

1) creative gourmet organic frozen raspberries

2) five:am organic yoghurt (image from here)
3) australian rainforest organic honey
4) green & blacks organic fair trade chocolate
5) bionature organic chickpeas 

Now, when it comes to buying groceries, markets and health food stores is always best. They have the freshest, most natural and organic, locally produced food for you and your family. But sometimes, I appreciate that time (and lack of organisation?!) does not permit. So it's good to know that even when shopping at the big supermarkets, there are some healthy, organic options available. These are 5 of my favourites: frozen raspberries to make the perfect smoothie, yoghurt for a summery breakfast, honey to naturally sweeten tea or smoothies, chocolate for a little treat and chickpeas for a protein boost in salads.  

And don't forget to take five to relax throughout your day- your brain will thank you for it!

eat well,
sarah x

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