Friday, 11 April 2014

love people: Haigh's UTZ Easter

With Easter just 1 week away, it brings me great excitement to tell you that my favourite chocolate brand, Haigh's, has announced that it's entire Easter range for 2014 is UTZ certified. This is in addition to the 70% of their existing range that is already UTZ certified, with the aim of reaching 100% over the next 3 years. In doing so, Haigh's has become the first Australian-owned bean-to-bar chocolate manufacturer to achieve this ethical certification. 

UTZ stands for ethical and sustainable farming of cocoa, coffee and tea, providing better opportunities for farmers, their families and our planet. This is great news, not just for your taste buds but for victims of forced and child labour and producers of cocoa worldwide. In partnership with cocoa producers in Ghana and Peru, Haigh's and UTZ will ensure a zero tolerance policy towards trafficked child labour.  

So when buying Easter goodies for your friends and family this weekend, make sure you buy Haigh's and make it an ethical Easter.

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chocoholics unite,
sarah x

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